Thursday, July 24, 2008

Promised Land CSA: the details

My house, in which there are roughly four adults living, decided to split a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share from the Oles' Farm this season. Every Tuesday we pick it up at the nearby Massachusetts Avenue Project and divvy up the bag between our two apartments.

We joined a bit late and while the CSA is on Week 10, we just got our third batch of fresh veggies. Last night my boyfriend and I were remarking on how it's sort of like a miracle: every week our fresh veggie supply is replenished and we don't have to think about it.

That miraculous first week: peas, spinach, chard, carrots, garlic scapes, & lettuce!

I'll be blogging more about my CSA and its offerings, as well as some history of CSAs, as the season progresses, but here are the details for those of you interested in joining*:
  • It's called Promised Land CSA and all the food is grown in Alden, New York by the Oles family. Their farm is about 40 acres large, with 15-20 acres being used for production. The remaining acres are given a rest with cover crops. The Oles use organic farming practices and you can read more about their history on the Promised Land CSA website.
  • Just $250 gets you 25 weeks--that's ten bucks a week smartypants--of fresh, locally-grown veggies plus the occasional fruit offering. They also include fresh herbs!
  • Most CSAs don't offer fruit in their vegetable shares but Promised Land gives you limited fruit (like this week's blueberries) with the option of buying an separate fruit share. The Fruit Share runs for 20 weeks and is $200. We just joined the fruit share, yum.
  • Like most CSAs, you pick up your share at designated site each week. What I liked about this CSA is that it didn't require that members drive to the farm to pick up the produce on a rotating basis. I'm a busy lady and I love that they deliver.
*I don't think Promised Land is offering any more shares this year but there might be another farm willing to take on some stragglers. You can find links to other area CSAs here.

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