Monday, May 9, 2011

Community Supported Vegetarianism

This is the share program being run by Go Veggies! which I mentioned in an earlier post.

Community Supported Vegetarianism

You can participate by buying a monthly share, payable at the beginning of each month. This saves you money, supports spreading vegetarianism, supports us, and helps the planet!
$80- Family Share- 20 products per month
$40- Individual Share- 10 products per month
if you forget, we keep track of how many products you have left to pick up for the month (you don't have to grab them all at once).

"The well-known products of our company are our Veggie Burgers, Veggie Rolls, Mango Pudding and other veggie snacks. Our Veggie Burgers are a blend of American and South-East Asian appetites, Our products are greatly welcomed by health conscious people."

I think I have had some samples in the past but it has been ages since I have tried Go Veggies! products. They are made from local ingredients when available. I will sign up for the share and report back!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market

So today was the first EBFM of the season. I got there right at 8 when they opened and I can honestly say I was the first person there. Obviously some of the farmers were already there and set up, but I was the first shopper. I grabbed as much cash as I could find while running out the door but once I got to the market, I realized it was not enough.

I got some little potatoes from Weiss Farm, some apples from the guy who pretty much only sells apples (I have a house guest from Africa staying with me and he LOVES apples) and a vanilla yogurt from White Cow Dairy (a flavor I haven't had!) with actually visible bits of vanilla bean. I can't wait to eat it.

I wish I had about $10 more so I could have bought 3 jars of fruit butter from Blackman Homestead Farms. I sampled the Pumpkin Maple Butter and the Pear & Vanilla Butter and they were amazing!! Next time I am going have to try a third so I know what other flavor I will get. They are $7 each or 3 for $20.

I also stopped by the Go Veggies! tent and was told about their new share program. For $40, you can get 10 items in a month from various which should be the Farmers Market (I was asked if I thought it would be a good location and I think it would). This would save one about $1 per package. I think I'll give it a try. I've tried to vegetable shares and two bread shares...why not a veggie burger/spring roll/mango pudding share?

There were about ten tents when I went. I am sure some were not there yet but I wonder if some vendors won't be coming for a few more weeks. Today seems to be mostly bread, jarred foods and cellar-ables like apples and potatoes with a little bit of produce.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Five Points Bakery

Last fall, Buffalo First coupon in hand, I decided to sign up for a breadshare from Five Points on Rhode Island. The wheat is all local and the other ingredients are as well.

FPB has really organized their share in a consumer friendly can pick from a list of breads and baked goods and have the same thing every week or change it constantly. I pretty much stick with the Multi-grain. I love it so much. There is just something so wholesome about having a fat slice of toast with jam for breakfast instead of boxed cereal. I feel like I'm doing something special or decadent.

I tried the 100% Whole Wheat and the sourdough ciabatta. The ciabatta is good, very soft, especially for 100% whole grain, and lighter than the multigrain. We can eat it in a day or two whereas the multigrain lasts us all week. It's also quite sour.

Another reason I was sticking with multigrain is that it's one of their only vegan breads. However, seeing as I have re-committed myself to this blog, I will try all the breads so I can report back.

Oh, the cinnamon rolls, fresh (not frozen) are incredible. They're also 100% whole grain and frosted and delicious. They fill you up like whole grain and have a pit of a wheaty taste in the background, but are quite good...much more cinnamon roll like than I expected for a whole wheat dough.

The last time I went in, I saw they had two different rye breads. I love rye and can't wait to try them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Soy Boy

I'm not trying to do a bunch of posts about brands; it's just happening that way.

Just tried the Soy Boy Caribbean tofu for the first time and it was super delicious. I tried it right out of the package, cooked and also in my recipe (jambalaya). It was great! I thought the Carribean flavor would get diluted in the tomato and spice in the jambalaya but I could still taste it's distinct flavor.

I wanted to mention Soy Boy because when it comes to vegetarian protein sources, it's hard to find something local. Soy Boy is in Rochester and their soy beans don't come further than Michigan.

Before, I'd only had Soy Boy's regular tofu but this flavored ready-to-eat tofu was great; I want to try all the flavors.