Friday, April 29, 2011

White Cow Dairy - revisited

This blog had a post awhile back about WCD. I have always admired the adorable glass jars but could never bring myself to spend $3 on 5.5 oz of yogurt. However, after reading Eating Animals and re-affirming my commitment to foods that are friendly to animals AND having a job that would pay for my meals, I decided to give it a try.

Oh. My. Goodness. This yogurt is incredible. It is definitely worth it when you think of the price of dessert in a restaurant or a drink at a bar...and I would always pick the yogurt given the choice. It is so good. I've tried tons of flavors and it seems that the base taste is pretty consistent and whatever the flavor is just adds to that already delicious taste. This is not true for the orange flavor, which really does over-power the super-yummy yogurt.

These are the flavors I have tried -
- rhubarb
- apple pie
- gingerberry
- maple
- chocolate malt
- cherry
- orange
- butternut

I've had each one once because I just thought it would be fun to keep trying different ones. There are more to try...but I don't know if I'll try to the lemon or the citrus...they would be delicious no doubt but it's not worth missing out on the main yogurt/sweetner flavor.

A little birdy told me the yogurts are cheaper at the Farmers Markets, so you better believe I'll be lining up for them.


Ms. Rose Garden said...

My Favorite Flavors are butternut, chocolate malt and apple pie. I don't like the taste of gingerberry flavor. Too oldy taste. I think my children will definitely don't love that flavor.

Anonymous said...

I find this yogurt to be delicious! I loved the gingerberry and the rhubard. I am not crazy about the chocolate malt, but have like the lemonberry, black cherry, red maple, and strawberry. I can't wait until the pumpkin and apple pie come out!