Monday, May 2, 2011

Soy Boy

I'm not trying to do a bunch of posts about brands; it's just happening that way.

Just tried the Soy Boy Caribbean tofu for the first time and it was super delicious. I tried it right out of the package, cooked and also in my recipe (jambalaya). It was great! I thought the Carribean flavor would get diluted in the tomato and spice in the jambalaya but I could still taste it's distinct flavor.

I wanted to mention Soy Boy because when it comes to vegetarian protein sources, it's hard to find something local. Soy Boy is in Rochester and their soy beans don't come further than Michigan.

Before, I'd only had Soy Boy's regular tofu but this flavored ready-to-eat tofu was great; I want to try all the flavors.


Anonymous said...

I am in love WCD yogurt ... I travel from Toronto and buy around 30 jars from wegmans .. they are like nothing you have ever tasted before .. and for $3.00 worth it and more ..

do yourself a favour .. try one -- you will be hooked!

Rebecca said...

It's only $2.50 at the Elmwood Bidwell Farmers'll save $15!