Monday, April 9, 2012

Porter Farms CSA - 5 Days left for Early Bird Discount!

This will be my fifth year subscribing to Porter Farms CSA.

Porter Farms give you a large volume of organic vegetables...mostly your every day produce that you would get a store. Their veggies are great and the CSA is the most affordable one I have seen in the area. It's a great for people who have never tried a CSA before.

In Buffalo, there are pick-up sites all over the city. You'll get your veggies every Saturday from a near by porch and once a season, you get to drive out the farm to pick up all the bags for your group. On this trip, you'll get to see the farm, their animals (sheep, etc) and usually load up on surplus veggies.

It's a great delicious local produce for less than what you would pay for non-organic stuff in the grocery store.

A share is $330 but if you pay by April 15, you save $20! The price has only gone up $10 since I have been a member. Other CSAs have doubled their prices in that time.

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