Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Promised Land CSA

I did promised land a few years ago (2009) and I believe I posted pictures, etc on here.

I wanted to try a new CSA, so I signed up for Porter and Promised land and split each with someone else.

Promised Land appealed to me because they had a an interesting variety of vegetables and fruit I wouldn't be getting from Porter. I had the best asparagus and est blueberries I have ever tasted. However, the strawberries were often moldy when I got the vegetables home, I never got an salsify and we really don't eat as many potatoes as we were getting (not a lot) but the different colors were wonderful.

At the time, Promised Land was around the same price as Porter and my overall assessment was that I was getting less volume but fancier items. I thought the price for the volume was comparable to what things would cost at the farmers market so, I didn't renew.

When I decided I would do two shares this year, I went back to check out Promised Land again. A friend had posted a pictures of Romanesco Broccoli and I thought it was awesome. I went back to the Promised Land website and found out their price increase more than 50% when Porter Farms had increased 3% in that same time. They are sold out for the year, so folks must not mind.

I think Promised Land is great for folks who have a hard time keeping up with a normal sized share and don't frequent farmers markets. It saves you the trip but the prices aren't better. The produce is great but if you're looking at a CSA to save money, this isn't the one. If you want some interesting produce you might not find other places and support a local farm, go for it.